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Retail, Payment & Loyalty 

Our industry leading loyalty programs will help you attract and retain members along with giving you powerful insight into your customers to help drive marketing initiatives. Segment your members to connect with your most valuable customers, attempt to win back customers who have not visited for a while, employ automated campaigns can be created for any aspect of the loyalty program to make it your program.


Financial Services MRM

We offer a highly customizable MRM application that works parallel to your backend core processor. Our MRM application offers member management, easily set up direct mail or email marketing campaigns, triggered new member wave initiatives, decrease member attrition and customizable online application module that keeps your applicants engaged through automated follow-up campaigns.


CRM For Non Profits

Success for a non-profit organization requires superb engagement with members, donors and prospects throughout the community. Our e9 system makes this easy for you to connect with your members, track your donors and follow-up with your prospects.






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